The VW Scirocco is a Driver’s Car

August 3, 2012

It’s already been twenty years since the last of the second generation Sciroccos rolled off the assembly line.

The first and second generation Sciroccos were produced from 1974 to 1992 yet you hardly see any on the road today.

The ones you do see are usually banged up and ready for the scrap yard.

But once in a while you’ll see an all original Scirocco in perfect condition. The clean straight lines of the body give this car a timeless look. It may not have the same prestige and performance level as the E30 M3 but offers more bang for your buck than any other sports coupe out there.

Not only does this car look good but it also performs like no other on the road thanks to its A1 chassis borrowed from the original GTI.

In 1986 a 16-valve model was released in the US offering 123 hp and capable of redlining at 7200 rpm. The only other cars capable of redlining higher than the Scirocco were Ferraris.

Weighing in at under 2300 lbs the Scirocco felt lively and quick in its day. In fact it was a tad quicker than the Porsche 944. It’s still considered quick today with 0 to 60 times in less than 8 seconds.

Not only is this car quick but it takes the corners like it’s on rails. This is a front wheel drive car that performs more like a rear wheel drive. In addition, torque steer is minimal which is almost unheard of in front wheel drive cars.

One drawback with this car is its cramped interior. If you’re over 6 feet tall you can pretty much forget about driving one. The same goes with the rear seats.

It’s pretty much impossible to find these cars in stock condition. Actually it’s pretty much impossible to find these cars at all.

Though the original price was 12K back in the day, used Sciroccos range from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the condition. Not a bad price considering the performance and driver satisfaction this car delivers.

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