The Perfect Commuter Car

August 9, 2012

I found this red 1993 Honda Civic VX for sale on Craigslist today. Here is a twenty year old car on sale for $2500 and with only 119K miles on the clock.

In case you didn’t know the VX model is one of the most fuel efficient vehicles to come out of Honda. Its fuel rating is 48/55 MPG which is in the hybrid category and without the complexities of a hybrid.

I once drove my cousin’s 1991 Honda Civic way back in the early 90s and remember how well the car rode. The ride was very smooth and quiet for such a small car.

With the gas mileage of a hybrid and with Honda’s reliability the VX makes for the perfect commuter car especially for those that require cheap transportation.

According to the seller this is a one owner vehicle with all service records.

Since there is so much rust on the body it’s important that a buyer check the undercarriage for rust. Minneapolis gets a lot of snow in the winter and with a lot of snow comes a lot of salt.

A nice looking hatchback that delivers excellent gas mileage. Can’t go wrong with that.

Looks like the rust is eating away at the car. Shouldn’t affect the mechanical components of the car though. If you don’t mind the stares this big hole will get then this car is for you.

Interior seems to be in decent shape. This is a bare bones car with no creature comforts. The less things that can break the better. Cheap reliable transportation at its finest.

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