The Perfect Car for College Kids

August 15, 2012

Toyota Camry SE greenFall is just around the corner and college kids are getting ready for their yearly mass exodus.

If your college bound kid is in need of a cheap but reliable used car then look no further than the 1992-1996 Toyota Camry.

Not only is this car cheap to buy but its pretty much built like a tank. I would recommend the 4-cylinder for its great gas mileage.

The Camry is far from what I would consider sporty and people tend to drive somewhat slow in these cars, which is a good thing. These cars are practically invisible to cops on the highway.

There is plenty of interior room and trunk space to haul your kid’s suitcases, lamps, spring water, etc. Also enough room to comfortably fit four of your kid’s closest hard partying friends.

Did I mention insurance is cheap for these cars also? Your insurance company will love you for buying this car.

So how much do these cars cost in the used market? I’ve seen cars advertised below a thousand dollars but with strings attached.

If you’re in the market for a Camry then expect to pay at least 2 grand for a decent one.

I have a 1998 Camry V6 which I bought in the summer of 2009 for $3700. It now has 170K miles on the clock but still purrs like a kitten.

The four cylinder model feels just as powerful as the six cylinder plus it gets better gas mileage. If I had to buy a Camry again I would definitely get the four cylinder.

As long as your Camry hasn’t been water damaged you can expect a long lasting relationship with the car.

Any high mileage Camry owners out there?

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