The Four Door Sports Car

June 14, 2012

Back in January of 2005 I had the privilege of buying a used 1998 Nissan Maxima SE from a dealer. It had about 120K miles on it at the time and I was able to snatch it away for $5500 cash. A pretty cheap price at the time.

The car came standard with fog lamps, a rear spoiler, 16 inch alloy wheels and a white analog gauge. It was dark green and had beige leather interior. It was a sweet looking car to say the least.

Here is a picture of my 1998 Nissan Maxima that I took in the summer of 2005. After over 250K miles on the clock I finally decided to sell the car even though it was still in decent condition. I probably could have gotten over 300K miles out of it with no problem.

I finally let it go in the summer of 2009. I gave it routine maintenance throughout the years and it never let me down. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t sold it because my Camry can get very boring at times.

If you’re in the market for a used Maxima I would certainly recommend finding one with a manual transmission. These cars are still abundant in the used car market.

Though my Maxima came with an automatic transmission it was still fun to drive.

You can get these cars for near dirt cheap prices today. I’m not sure why these cars don’t hold their resale values as well as Accords or Camrys.

Though the V6 engine only produces 190 hp it accelerates as smooth as many 8 cylinder engines. It actually feels like it has more than 200 hp.

Here is a 1999 limited edition model. You can tell it’s a limited edition by the small badge on the driver’s door. Though this car looks really good in white it’s a bit too feminine for my taste.

If you have a few extra grand to spend then you can buy a 2002 Maxima SE. I think the 2002 and 2003 Maximas look just as good as the new models.

What model year Maxima is your favorite or least favorite?

So what do you think? Is the Nissan Maxima a four door sports car?

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Maha July 28, 2012 at 10:51 pm

yea it would be a good first car. just because the car is 10+ years dosent mean anything cause ive seen cars from 2006 with more issues then my 96 200sx or my friends 91 eclipse. just take good care of it and it will work great for you. mileage dosent always matter either especially since ive seen imprezas and volvos with 900k miles or more and they still run amazingly.


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