The Forgotten Minivan

March 20, 2012

When I think of minivans I picture the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. I picture soccer moms taking their kids to school and to the mall. I picture plush leather seats, a full entertainment system and an ultra smooth ride.

I picture it to be everything but a performance machine.

But did you know there was once a minivan that came with a turbocharger and a 5 speed manual transmission straight from the factory?

Yes, it’s called the Dodge Caravan turbo and it’s the ultimate sleeper.

The first generation Dodge Caravans were made from 1984 to 1990. The Grand Caravan was longer than the regular model and came equipped for seven passengers.

The turbocharged version came with a 2.5 turbo four cylinder engine making 150 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque.

Now 150 hp isn’t a lot of power by today’s standards but many enthusiasts beef up the internals and upgrade the turbo resulting in three times the power.

This minivan is perfect for those seeking roominess and power at a cheap low price. It’s not a bad looking car either with plenty of room for seven of your closest friends and family.


The 80s Caravan are pretty much extinct. I do see one occasionally but in horrible condition. If you’re interested in buying one you’ll probably have to start out with a beater and rebuild it.

I’m not sure if I ever saw a Caravan turbo model because they all look the same.

But if you happen to own one of these let me know by commenting below. I’d like to hear from you.

In the meantime, watch this Caravan beat a Viper in a drag race. Imagine how the crowd reacted when they saw a minivan smoke a Dodge Viper.

Image Source: Turbo Mopar

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