The 2012 Jeep Liberty Fire Sale

August 8, 2012

Right now Jeep is having a fire sale with its Liberty models. They are offering a $6500 rebate on all remaining 2012 models.

I rented a 2012 Jeep Liberty when I was vacationing in Waikiki last year and must say it has a smooth and comfortable ride.

Not sure if being in Hawaii made the car feel better but it was a nice car nonetheless.

I like how the Liberty sits so tall that you can see over everybody. The 3.7L engine is silky smooth and offers plenty of torque to ride up those hills and mountains. It didn’t guzzle fuel like I expected but that’s probably because I didn’t drive the car much.

At just over 17 grand this car’s price is about as cheap as it gets. It’s around the same price as a 2013 Hyundai Elantra. If I had to choose between the two cars I would definitely get the Liberty.

Don’t really like the looks of the front grill but for 17 grand I’ll take it!

Nice clean lines of the body makes this one attractive Jeep.

Car sits high so you can block the view of people behind you. Isn’t this the reason why we buy SUVs?

Simple and clean interior with plenty of headroom for the driver.

Plenty of headroom for the passengers too.

Plenty of cargo room to haul your golf clubs and groceries.

What do you think? Is this a great deal or what?

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