The Four Door Sports Car

June 14, 2012

Back in January of 2005 I had the privilege of buying a used 1998 Nissan Maxima SE from a dealer. It had about 120K miles on it at the time and I was able to snatch it away for $5500 cash. A pretty cheap price at the time.

The car came standard with fog lamps, a rear spoiler, 16 inch alloy wheels and a white analog gauge. It was dark green and had beige leather interior. It was a sweet looking car to say the least.

Here is a picture of my 1998 Nissan Maxima that I took in the summer of 2005. After over 250K miles on the clock I finally decided to sell it and was still in decent shape. I probably could have gotten over 300K miles out of it with no problem.

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The Nissan Versa is a compact car offering a lot of space for not a lot of money.
The five door hatchback can comfortably fit five adults thanks to it’s box shape frame.
In fact, the Versa has more room in the back than many mid-size sedans. How many other compacts can claim that?
It gets up to 33 miles per gallon on the highway from it’s 122 hp 1.8 liter DOHC engine.
Though not a lot of power compared to other cars, it’s fairly lightweight at 2500 pounds which makes it seem more powerful than it really is.
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