blue-300d-frontIn the early 1980s the Mercedes Benz 300D was a car ahead of its time. It was a simple yet elegant looking car. It felt solid and rode like no other car in its class.

Competitors such as Oldsmobile and Cadillac had nothing that could compete with the 300D. This car was in a league of its own.

A 1983 300D Turbo retailed new for 26K which certainly was not cheap back then. With a curb weight of 3500 lbs it wasn’t light either. But this car had a distinct feel and personality like no other.

Like other Mercedes this car has a solid and stable feel at highway speeds all while getting terrific gas mileage.

I really like the simplicity of both the exterior and interior. It’s simple yet refined looking.

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Mercedes 300D

April 11, 2011

With gas prices on the rise diesel cars are looking very attractive.

I really like the classy look of the Mercedes 300D. These cars are powered by an 87 hp 3 liter 5-cylinder engine and averages 30 miles per gallon.

Though it’s not much power for a car this size you have to remember this is a touring car and not a performance car. Mercedes built these cars like a tank and I could drive this car cross country without worry.

The only downside is that these cars don’t come cheap. Many cost upwards of 10K because owners know that fuel efficient cars are in high demand.

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