honda civic

2009 Honda Civic Hybrid

October 13, 2013


When searching for used cars most people tend to shy away from expensive hybrids.

But hybrids have been in the market long enough that prices are now within reach to most buyers.

Take for instance the 8th generation Honda Civic Hybrid.

A 2009 model, as shown in the pictures, averages around 12 grand in the used car market. While this isn’t exactly a cheap car to buy it’s still a bargain compared to new hybrid prices.

The 8th generation Civic is quite a radical departure from the previous generation model.

The styling of the exterior and twin-tier dash interior gives this car a sleek and futuristic look. It’s certainly looks much better than the previous generation’s boxy design.

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I know that hybrids are all the rage these days but are they really worth buying?

Take for instance a 2003 Honda Civic hybrid with 90K miles on the clock. Assuming the car is in good condition the average price from a private party is around $5500. It gets 39/43 mpg.

Now take a normally aspirated 2003 Honda Civic EX with 90K miles. A car in good condition will command around $5800 from a private seller. It gets 26/34 mpg.

Though the hybrid is a few hundred dollars cheaper and gets better gas mileage, is it a better buy?

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