Spring is upon us and gas prices are going up to its usual insane levels.

While staying at home is the best way to save on gas, the nice weather tempts us all to fill up our SUVs and Minivans and go on a road trip.

But it’s not always the type of car that determines your gas mileage. Your driving habits are just as important.

Follow these seven tips to save your precious gas dollars.

Don’t Race to a Traffic Light

Use some judgement when approaching a traffic light. I often see people flooring their cars so they can be the first to reach the next red light.

This is not a race to the next light. It’s a waste of gas and puts enormous stress on your engine and transmission. Remember that accelerating from a standstill is when your car consumes the most gas.

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Premium Gas

May 4, 2011

People still have the misconception that premium gas is better than regular. Gas companies are good at misleading the public with their fancy advertisements on TV and on the web. The truth is that most cars will do just fine on regular gasoline. It’s the high performance and turbocharged cars that need the premium stuff. […]

Gas Saving Tips

April 4, 2011

Gas prices are soaring to record levels and it’s not even summer yet. So what’s the single most important thing you can do to conserve fuel?

Besides not driving the car, the best thing to do is change your driving habits. Yes, you can change the air filter, inflate the tires to proper levels and remove the spare tire from your trunk, but they only go so far.

I’m surprised at how many people still pounce on the accelerator when the traffic light turns green. A hard start is bad for the engine, transmission and your wallet.

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