Here’s a rare find. A 1984 Toyota Camry turbo diesel with only 133K miles on the clock. It recently sold for three grand on eBay.

This Camry comes equipped with a 1.8 liter turbo diesel engine making a whopping 74 hp.

That should be enough power to lug around four adults and a suitcase. But it only weighs 2300 lbs so that should make up for the lack of horsepower.

The car looks outdated because it’s twenty eight years old. But considering its old age it appears to be in decent condition.

The turbo diesel coupled with a manual transmission is what caught my attention. You usually see this engine/transmission combo in a pickup truck or a commercial vehicle. Rarely do you see it in a passenger car.

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Mercedes 300D

April 11, 2011

With gas prices on the rise diesel cars are looking very attractive.

I really like the classy look of the Mercedes 300D. These cars are powered by an 87 hp 3 liter 5-cylinder engine and averages 30 miles per gallon.

Though it’s not much power for a car this size you have to remember this is a touring car and not a performance car. Mercedes built these cars like a tank and I could drive this car cross country without worry.

The only downside is that these cars don’t come cheap. Many cost upwards of 10K because owners know that fuel efficient cars are in high demand.

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