car shopping

When buying a car at a dealership or from a private party you need to be prepared.

Not only do you need a basic understanding of car buying but you also need to be physically prepared.

Buying a car can be a grueling task both mentally and physically.

A few years back I once went to a dealer to check out a used car and had to leave early because I was exhausted from visiting other dealers that day. I called in sick that day to look for a used car. But I didn’t have a car in mind and just wandered aimlessly from dealer to dealer.

Many car dealerships are located next to each other so that buyers can easily browse from dealer to dealer. Don’t be one of these window shoppers. It will only wear you down and can force you to make rushed decisions.

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It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon and you’re out shopping for a cheap used car when you find one that seems perfect for you.

The car’s paint is spotless and the interior smells like new. The engine bay is so clean you could eat off of it. The price is a little over your budget but you don’t mind because this car is a gem.

You focus so much on the exterior that you barely pay attention to the engine and transmission. Your emotion gets the best of you and you’re off in your new used car.

A couple of days later you find the car isn’t as mechanically tight as you thought. You hear weird noises coming from the engine and the transmission begins to slip in second gear. You begin to regret the purchase.

Does this sound familiar to you? It certainly sounds familiar to me.

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