There’s a 1996 Honda Accord for sale on Craigslist in the Central Jersey section. It has 36K miles on the clock and the asking price is $4700.

The car has been driven an average of 2.2K miles per year. Not sure if this is a good thing especially if those miles were driven locally.

According to the owner the exhaust, tires and brakes were recently replaced.

If this car really has 36K original miles with no mechanical defects then this is truly a bargain. Since the owner is asking for $4700 you could probably knock an extra 200 to 300 dollars off the price.

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I spotted this 1996 Honda Accord Wagon with 114K miles for sale on eBay. The starting bid is $4600 and no one has yet to bid.

I’m actually quite surprised there are no bidders. This car is a cheap alternative to those gas guzzling SUVs.

Not only does this car get great gas mileage, up to 30mpg, but also looks great. This car looks to be in near perfect condition. I guess station wagons aren’t for everybody.

Six reasons why I like this car:

1. I love the burgundy color on this car.

2. This car is all factory with no mods.

3. You don’t see many Accord Wagons on the road.

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