Say NO to Engine Flushes

January 2, 2012

So you have an old car and heard that engine flushes are important because it cleans the sludge from your engine.

Engine flushes can cost upwards of 200 dollars which is by no means cheap and it could actually damage your engine.

The problem here is that chemical solvents are poured into the engine to break up the sludge. While most of the deposits will be flushed out, some can go back into your engine causing major wear or permanent damage.

Don’t pay attention to the advertisements that claim engine flushes will make your car run longer. I’ve read stories where owners had to replace their engine because of damage from floating deposits.

If your car is damaged from an engine flush don’t assume the auto shop is going to be on your side. There are many cases where people had to go to court to get some reimbursement for the damage.

I remember reading about an incident where an owner replaced his engine and had to pay out of his own pocket. The final bill came to over five thousand dollars. There just wasn’t enough evidence that the shop caused the damage. You can buy a nice used car for that kind of money.

If you change your oil on a timely basis then you won’t even have to worry about sludge buildup. That’s why it’s important to change your oil every 3K to 5K miles depending on how you drive.

I drive my car mostly on the highways so I usually change my oil every five thousand miles. I also check my oil every two weeks to make sure the level isn’t low. If your car has over 100K miles you should check and make sure your car isn’t burning any oil. The worst thing you can do to your car is drive it with no oil in the pan. I once drove a car with barely any oil in the engine but that’s another story.

So what about the DIY engine flush bottles sold at auto stores? Stay away from those also.

Many are made by reputable companies such as Gumout, STP and Valvoline but this doesn’t mean that it’s safe to use. You pour the bottle into your engine and it breaks away the sludge. You’re taking the same kind of risk here.

If you’re so eager to spend money on your car then you should spend it on important things such as transmission oil changes and radiator flushes.

Let’s hear your story. Have you ever had a bad experience with an engine flush?


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