Paint Job

April 8, 2011

When visually inspecting used cars you should check to see if the car has been repainted. Cheap cars are usually repainted because of accidents.

Take a few steps back from the car and see if there are color variations in the paint. New paint will have a darker and richer shade than the faded surroundings.

Pop the hood and check the area where the hood meets the fenders. The colors should match. Open the doors and check for any over spraying. Cars with cheap paint jobs will usually have paint over spray near the doors and window.

Make sure the VIN numbers from the driver’s side door and dashboard match. If the numbers do not match then the door has been replaced with a door from a donor car. This indicates that the car was damaged.

While repainting a car in itself is not a bad thing, the reason for the repaint may be bad. You do not want to buy a car that’s been in an accident because there could be frame damage to the car.

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