Rising gas prices can make us scared sometimes. So scared that many people will trade in their gas guzzlers for a fuel efficient car.

Three dollars a gallon seems to be the norm these days which can get expensive at the pump. It costs me nearly 50 dollars a week to fill up my 6-cylinder Camry.

But I wouldn’t trade in my car just to save a few dollars a week. Buying a more fuel efficient car will save me about 10 dollars per week, which comes to 40 dollars a month and 480 dollars a year. That’s worth about two car payments. Not enough savings to justify buying a new car.

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If you only had a thousand dollars to spend on a car what would you buy?

I guess the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry would come to mind for most people.

But the problem with these cars is they have high resale values. You’ll be lucky to find an Accord or Camry in fair condition for one thousand dollars.

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You’re driving on the highway listening to your favorite tunes when all of a sudden you hear a very loud pop.

A rock traveling at the speed of sound has just hit your windshield with full force. Well, maybe not that fast but fast enough to scare the hell out of you. It’s happened to all of us before.

Soon you find a small crack in your windshield and you think nothing of it. Weeks later you find the crack slowly getting bigger. But by then it’s too late and you need a new windshield.

You call a few places for a price quote and wonder why it’s so expensive to replace a windshield.

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Have a car that has been totaled or is running on it’s last legs?

Don’t junk it. Part it out and sell it for parts. Remember that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Depending on the make and model of your car, you could potentially get thousands more if you sell the parts individually rather than selling or junking the car.

There may be lots of salvageable parts ready for sale. Are the leather seats in good condition? The front seats may be worn out but the rear seats may still be new.

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The timing belt is one of the most important but often neglected parts of a car.

For cars with an “interference engine”, meaning the pistons will crash into the valves should the belt snap, it is important that the timing belt be changed according to manufacturers recommendations.

Though dealers and service centers will recommend changing the timing belt every 60K miles for obvious reasons, most car manufacturers recommend every 80K to 100K miles.

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With the price of gas consistently above the three dollar mark many people are considering going hybrid.

Hybrid cars get on average 40 miles per gallon which will save you money at the gas pump but there are hidden costs that many buyers do not take into consideration.

High Price
Hybrids are on average two to four thousand dollars more than their non-hybrid counterparts. This is no small chunk of change. You can buy a lot of quality used cars for under four grand these days.

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