Many people tend to overlook bulletin boards when shopping for a used car.

Bulletin boards can be found everywhere from grocery stores to laundry mats. What I discovered was that some really good deals can be found at Asian grocery stores.

There are many international students that need to sell their cars after they graduate to go back to their home countries. You can take advantage of their situation and negotiate a low price.

My cousin once bought a 4-cylinder Camry from an international student back in 2004. She was in a rush to sell because she needed to go back to her home country.

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There’s a 1996 Honda Accord for sale on Craigslist in the Central Jersey section. It has 36K miles on the clock and the asking price is $4700.

The car has been driven an average of 2.2K miles per year. Not sure if this is a good thing especially if those miles were driven locally.

According to the owner the exhaust, tires and brakes were recently replaced.

If this car really has 36K original miles with no mechanical defects then this is truly a bargain. Since the owner is asking for $4700 you could probably knock an extra 200 to 300 dollars off the price.

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Fall is just around the corner and college kids are getting ready for their yearly mass exodus.

If your college bound kid is in need of a cheap but reliable used car then look no further than the 1992-1996 Toyota Camry.

Not only is this car cheap to buy but its pretty much built like a tank. I would recommend the 4-cylinder for its great gas mileage.

The Camry is far from what I would consider sporty and people tend to drive somewhat slow in these cars, which is a good thing. These cars are practically invisible to cops on the highway.

There is plenty of interior room and trunk space to haul your kid’s suitcases, lamps, spring water, etc. Also enough room to comfortably fit four of your kid’s closest hard partying friends.

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The Perfect Commuter Car

August 9, 2012

I found this red 1993 Honda Civic VX for sale on Craigslist today. Here is a twenty year old car on sale for $2500 and with only 119K miles on the clock.

In case you didn’t know the VX model is one of the most fuel efficient vehicles to come out of Honda. Its fuel rating is 48/55 MPG which is in the hybrid category and without the complexities of a hybrid.

I once drove my cousin’s 1991 Honda Civic way back in the early 90s and remember how well the car rode. The ride was very smooth and quiet for such a small car.

With the gas mileage of a hybrid and with Honda’s reliability the VX makes for the perfect commuter car especially for those that require cheap transportation.

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Right now Jeep is having a fire sale with its Liberty models. They are offering a $6500 rebate on all remaining 2012 models.

I rented a 2012 Jeep Liberty when I was vacationing in Waikiki last year and must say it has a smooth and comfortable ride.

Not sure if being in Hawaii made the car feel better but it was a nice car nonetheless.

I like how the Liberty sits so tall that you can see over everybody. The 3.7L engine is silky smooth and offers plenty of torque to ride up those hills and mountains. It didn’t guzzle fuel like I expected but that’s probably because I didn’t drive the car much.

At just over 17 grand this car’s price is about as cheap as it gets. It’s around the same price as a 2013 Hyundai Elantra. If I had to choose between the two cars I would definitely get the Liberty.

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It’s already been twenty years since the last of the second generation Sciroccos rolled off the assembly line.

The first and second generation Sciroccos were produced from 1974 to 1992 yet you hardly see any on the road today.

The ones you do see are usually banged up and ready for the scrap yard.

But once in a while you’ll see an all original Scirocco in perfect condition. The clean straight lines of the body give this car a timeless look. It may not have the same prestige and performance level as the E30 M3 but offers more bang for your buck than any other sports coupe out there.

Not only does this car look good but it also performs like no other on the road thanks to its A1 chassis borrowed from the original GTI.

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