NY Auto Show 2011

April 29, 2011

I went to the NY Auto Show a few days ago and took a few snapshots of the latest models. The weather was nice outside but there weren’t a lot of people because I went on a Wednesday afternoon. The Javitz center is a huge place and I ended up walking the whole afternoon. I went there hoping to see the Toyota Supra concept car but I didn’t see it there. Maybe I was too tired to notice it from all that walking.

This Ford Fiesta was surprisingly roomy and comfortable for such a small car. Ford is really making some good quality cars these days.

Couldn’t get a good shot of the interior but it was nice and roomy.

Did I mention that Ford is making some nice cars these days? Take a look at the Mustang Boss. I really like what Ford did to the Mustang’s exterior. I didn’t really care for the orange paint though.

This modified Honda CRZ caught my attention. I don’t know how fast this car is but it certainly looks like a serious race car. It looks expensive too.

Take a look at the big tail pipe. This car would look perfect without that ugly big wing attached to it’s back.

The Scion concept car attracted a lot of attention. When I first looked at the car I thought it was the next generation Supra. Something tells me Scion will end up not making this car. Who wants to buy a 40 grand Scion? Not me. Toyota should put their logo on this car and call it the Supra. Who wants to buy a 40 grand Supra? I’ll take one!!

This Infiniti concept car doesn’t look like a concept car. It looks like a G37. But it looks good anyway.

The Mini Countryman looks like a fun car to drive. A lot of people were gathered near the Minis.

These Minis are cool and I need to get me one. But these cars aren’t cheap in the used market so I guess I’ll have to wait a couple of years to buy one.

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