Mercedes 300D

April 11, 2011

With gas prices on the rise diesel cars are looking very attractive.

I really like the classy look of the Mercedes 300D. These cars are powered by an 87 hp 3 liter 5-cylinder engine and averages 30 miles per gallon.

Though it’s not much power for a car this size you have to remember this is a touring car and not a performance car. Mercedes built these cars like a tank and I could drive this car cross country without worry.

The only downside is that these cars don’t come cheap. Many cost upwards of 10K because owners know that fuel efficient cars are in high demand.


Though these cars are three decades old once in a while you’ll see a cream puff like the car pictured below. The styling is timeless and looks as good as the day it first came out. One cool thing about these cars is that many owners install kits to make them run on vegetable oil.

This car is as good as they come.

I think Mercedes made the best interiors of the 80s. The design is simple yet elegantly styled and the wood grain dash holds up well even after 30 years of sunshine. I wish my 98 Camry looked as good as this.

Even the wagons look nice. This car has such a timeless look to it. What a masterpiece Mercedes created.

Not my favorite color for a wagon but still looks good in my opinion.

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Quinn December 3, 2012 at 2:53 pm

send me prices on the wagon!


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