M Coupe

April 25, 2011

Some say it looks like a sneaker on wheels. Others say it’s the best damn car to come out of Bavaria. I’m talking about the BMW M Coupe. Most people either love these cars or hate it and I’m in the “love it” category. The styling, however, takes a while getting used to. So how much do these cars go for in the used car market? Not cheap. A clean low mileage M Coupe can go for 25K and beyond. They are exceedingly becoming rare machines and the prices show it. I have never driven one before but from the different reviews I’ve read this machine is a beast.

Though the early models had a 3.0 240 hp engine, the 2001-2002 models came with the famous 3.2 liter 321 hp engine. This is not your average daily driver. This car was meant to be driven on the back roads and twisty mountains.

But all of that performance comes at a steep price. If buying the car doesn’t burn a hole through your wallet, insurance premiums and routine maintenance surely will. Even regular BMWs are expensive to maintain, this is an M Series.

The interior isn’t going to win any design awards but it is very simple and functional. This is one serious machine.

If you must buy one of these cars then there’s a cheaper version called the Z4 Coupe which is pictured below. It looks almost identical to the M Coupe but costs significantly less. This car is more suitable for everyday driving. This Z4 sure does look good in blue.

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