Low Mileage Clunker

March 30, 2011

I often see used cars with 80K on the odometer with a clean exterior and shiny wheels. Everything looks good except when you take a peek inside. The steering wheel leather is worn out. The brake pedal is worn. The driver side leather seat is torn. The shift lever is worn.

Many people may wonder how a car can wear out so quickly. After all it only has 80K miles. Either the owner was a big heavy guy who drove the car like it was a rental or the odometer has been clocked back.

I see a lot of used cars on the market that have 80K to 99K on the odometer. Many people do not like to buy cars that have passed the magic number. They automatically assume the car is on it’s last legs. It stems from a long time back when the average life span of a car was around 100K. Cars are much more durable these days and a lot of times mileage is not an indicator of a car’s condition.

If you are suspicious of a car’s odometer reading, you should get a carfax report and ask for the car’s service records. When shopping for used cars always remember to check the interior for premature wear and tear.

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Natalie October 8, 2012 at 2:54 pm

I bet it feels so great knowing it’s paid for! And Honda’s are great cars, last a long time and the trade in value doesn’t deraecipte very much over time!!We owe about another year on our SUV, however, once we sell our house, we will probably pay it off. Well, depending on the amount we profit. Either way though, it’s nice knowing it’s nearly paid for.When we decide to get another car though, we’ve decided it’ll be Honda. The new Accord 2 doors and the hybrid Civic’s are our two top choices so far.

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