Hybrid Cars

April 6, 2011

The first hybrid car that went mainstream was the Honda Insight back in 1999. It was a funky yet futuristic looking car that looked like one of the cars from Back To The Future.

It didn’t seem popular because I hardly saw one on the road. Perhaps it was because gas was less than a gallon of milk. The only people who bought them were the ones who wanted to make a statement.

I have to admit I liked the styling and it always caught my attention when I saw one on the road.

Today, hybrid cars are all the rage. You even see manufacturers churning out hybrid trucks and hybrid sports cars. Would I recommend buying a hybrid? Only if gas reached 6 dollars a gallon. Otherwise, how much money are you really saving? These hybrids are not cheap cars.

I see many used hybrids for sale on eBay and there are plenty of people wanting to snatch them up.

Yes, it’s good to save on gas but the premium you’ll spend over a regular car isn’t worth it in my books.

Plus, I’d be afraid to drive a hybrid after the warranty ran out. Who knows how much it will cost to service these cars. Forget about taking them to your local mechanic. You’ll be taking it to the dealer and you should know by now they charge a pretty penny.

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