How Much Money Are You Saving by Buying a Hybrid Car?

September 12, 2011

With the price of gas consistently above the three dollar mark many people are considering going hybrid.

Hybrid cars get on average 40 miles per gallon which will save you money at the gas pump but there are hidden costs that many buyers do not take into consideration.

High Price
Hybrids are on average two to four thousand dollars more than their non-hybrid counterparts. This is no small chunk of change. You can buy a lot of quality used cars for under four grand these days.

Exposure to High Voltage Batteries
In the event of an accident there is the potential of shock hazard should a person come in close contact with the battery. I wouldn’t want to put my family in harm’s way just because a car gets good gas mileage.

Increased Weight
If you’ve ever changed a battery yourself you know how heavy they can be. Batteries are heavy and adds weight to the car resulting in slower acceleration compared to it’s non-hybrid counterpart.

High Maintenance Costs
This is a no brainer. Don’t even think about taking a hybrid car to your local mechanic.

With all the electronics on board there are so many components that could eventually go bad. Dealers are specialized in servicing these vehicles but they also charge a premium.

I wouldn’t want to buy a used hybrid that had an expired warranty. Regular gasoline cars are expensive enough to service let alone a hybrid.

I’ve noticed that most of the used hybrid cars on the market are only a couple years old and have relatively low miles. How much money did these owners save by trading in their cars so early? None. You’ll have to own your hybrid for at least five years to start seeing the benefits. By this time the warranty has long expired.

Bottom line. Don’t buy a used hybrid car. Instead, buy a cheap car that is good on gas and relatively easy to fix. Honda Accord and Toyota Camry come to mind?


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