Honda CRX

May 2, 2011

These days automakers are bragging about their hybrids getting 50 miles per gallon. But is this really any news? Back in the late eighties there was a car that got up to 50 mpg on a 1.5 liter engine. It was the Honda CRX HF and the HF stood for High Fuel economy. It didn’t have a battery powered motor and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Though the Honda CRX has been around since 1983, I prefer the design of the 1988 to 1991 models. There aren’t a lot of these cars on the road today so it may be hard to find one for sale. Once in a while I’ll see a mint condition CRX on eBay.

If you need a little bit of power and performance there’s the high revving CRX Si. It comes equipped with the famous VTEC engine and produces 108 hp. The car feels like it has more than 108 hp because it only weighs 2,000 pounds. It’s not as fuel efficient as the HF model but will still give you over 30 mpg.

Though the Honda CRX is a front wheel drive there are a lot of after market parts made specifically for this car. Take a look at these modified CRXs. This car looks like it got a new paint job. Can you believe the design is over 20 years old? The design looks fresh even by today’s standards.

This white CRX looks very nice with gold rims. The mods are tasteful and not overly done. Looks like this owner invested quite a bit of time and money to make this into a show car.

This car needs a little work. The black rims are too big and the car looks plain. If I were the owner of this car I would get rid of the clear lamps and put in the stock lamps. I would also put some gold rims like the car pictured above.

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Andy July 29, 2012 at 12:05 am

91 crx HF can definataly can get 50 mpg. I would know I have one as a daily driver. In this economy I fill up my car once every 2 weeks and costs no more than $22 dollars. If I sae another honda crx I would buy another one if I could.

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