Gas Saving Tips

April 4, 2011

Gas prices are soaring to record levels and it’s not even summer yet. So what’s the single most important thing you can do to conserve fuel?

Besides not driving the car, the best thing to do is change your driving habits. Yes, you can change the air filter, inflate the tires to proper levels and remove the spare tire from your trunk, but they only go so far.

I’m surprised at how many people still pounce on the accelerator when the traffic light turns green. A hard start is bad for the engine, transmission and your wallet.

It costs me around 45 dollars to fill up my 98 Camry V6. I average around 24 mpg and half of that is city driving.

The only time my tires get inflated is when I go for an oil change. I have all kinds of junk in the trunk including the spare tire and I still manage to get good fuel economy.

To stretch my hard earned greenbacks even further, I skip Starbucks and make my own coffee in the morning. That saves me around 10 dollars per week. I pack my own lunch to work which gives me an additional 30 dollars per week for gas. Most importantly, I don’t buy cigarettes, candy and lottery tickets every time I fill up.

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