Galant VR4

May 21, 2011

The Mitsubishi Galant VR4 is a limited edition four door sports sedan which debuted in 1991. It came with all wheel drive and was powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine producing 195 horsepower.

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Back in September of 2000 I bought a used 1991 Galant VR4 with low miles. It was quick and felt like it had more than 195 horsepower. The car was a performance machine straight out of the factory.

It was quick in a straight line and also performed well on twisty roads. I was having a blast with the car until it started to break down.

Let me tell you these cars are not cheap to maintain. After a year of owning the car and thousands of dollars in repairs I decided to sell it. Every time I got behind the wheel I was afraid something was going to break. Mitsubishi cars aren’t known for their reliability, let alone a car that is turbocharged with all wheel drive and 4-wheel steering.

Here are some pictures of my VR4 just before I sold it in 2001. I loved the car but it was draining my bank account.

I spent over three thousand dollars in repairs in one year. First the coolant seeped into the cylinders and I had to rebuild the engine. Then the all wheel drive transfer case had to be replaced. Later the alternator went out. Then the gas pedal got stuck. One day I was driving and the gas pedal all of a sudden locked up. After the gas pedal incident I decided enough was enough. Needless to say, it was the biggest money pit I ever had.

My car was bone stock and I bought it from the original owner. He kept all of the repair receipts and I was confident the car was going to last a long time. I’m just wondering if any other VR4 owners encounter this many problems.

But they are fun cars to drive and I would buy one again if I could afford it. Here’s a nicely modded VR4. The wheels look great with the shiny black paint.

Here’s another tastefully modded VR4. The owner didn’t go overboard with the wing and spoilers. I can’t tell you how many sedans I’ve seen with Supra wings. Just because you put a Supra wing on your car doesn’t mean it’s going to look like a Supra.

This white VR4 would look better with black rims. Not a fan of white wheels.

Nice and clean interior. One annoying thing about the VR4 is that they come equipped with automatic seat belts. I don’t see the use of this because you still have to buckle the lap belt.

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Mike Murphy August 14, 2012 at 10:39 pm

Oddly enough in 1997 after graduating from the university I spied a white one on a dealer lot and went to snap it up knowing what it was. Unfortunately it had been beat to $h8t. When I told the dealer as much he told me he had just sunk $5,000 into it to get it ready to sell! Big red flag even if it was true, which I am sure it was not. Needing a car or a ride home I bought the car next to it. A 95 Accord EX 4 cyl auto. Up until about 2 years ago I still saw both the Galant GSX and the other car I looked at a 1992 SHO (also leased and beaten down) either cruising or sitting in repair garage lots. I was surprised they were both still around. My afterthought Accord is still running strong with 319,000 un-sporty, rusty miles on it.


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