Electric Cars

April 26, 2011

I’m seeing a lot of hype with electric cars these days and I have nothing against them. They are green for the environment and eventually will make us less dependent on foreign oil. But 40K for a Chevrolet Volt? The styling looks good but it’s nothing to get excited about. And who cares if it gets 50 mpg? The car costs a small fortune to buy and most people will not own the car long enough to see the savings.

So who are the people buying these cars? People who want to attract attention and people who actually think they’re saving money by buying a fuel efficient car. I’ll give the car some credit though because the car does attract attention with it’s futuristic styling.

But rather than buying a Chevy Volt for 40 grand, I would rather buy a fully loaded Hyundai Elantra for 20K. In my opinion, the Elantra looks just as good if not better than the Volt.

That leaves me with 20K to burn. I could use the Elantra as my daily driver and buy a brand new Mini Cooper for 20K as my weekend warrior. Look at that, two cars for the price of one. Isn’t that a great deal?

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