E30 M3

May 9, 2011

One of my all-time favorite cars to come out of Bavaria is the E30 M3. It came with a high revving 2.3 liter engine pumping out 195 horsepower. You won’t win many drag races with this car but it grips the road like no other. There is also a Sport Evolution model producing 238 hp from 2.5 liters of displacement but don’t expect to find any in your neighborhood because only 600 of these models were produced.

The e30 M3 is an expensive car to maintain. The price, on the other hand, varies wildly from a 3K clunker to a 30K cream puff. If you’re looking to buy this car I would look at cars that are advertised in the 12K to 18K range. The clunkers are cheap to buy but you’ll end up spending thousands on repairs anyway.

You probably don’t want to use this as your daily driver because the ride is stiff and uncomfortable, not to mention expensive to maintain. But the satisfaction of driving a performance car and the attention you’ll get is something every car enthusiast must experience.

I test drove one a few years back with an upgraded exhaust system and the car was loud. But a good kind of loud. I knew this was a serious car the moment I sat in it. If I was in the market for an E30 M3 I would look for a bone stock car with upgraded wheels. You might get a few more horsepower with an upgraded exhaust system but this car is loud even in stock form.

Here’s a nice red M3. The car looks bone stock except for the custom wheels which I don’t really care for. I think the stock rims look better.

The steering wheel looks a little too old fashion and could use an upgrade. This owner really cared for this car though. A rare cream puff.

Here’s another clean M3. I think it would look better with some red or blue pin stripes on the front and rear bumpers. A nice looking car nevertheless.

I’m not a big fan of black cars but this one is done to perfection. The red stripes and side markers make this car visually appealing. If I had a choice between the three cars listed on this page I would choose this car. Find an E30 M3 on eBay.

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