Check Bulletin Boards for Your Next Cheap Car

August 17, 2012

Many people tend to overlook bulletin boards when shopping for a used car.

Bulletin boards can be found everywhere from grocery stores to laundry mats. What I discovered was that some really good deals can be found at Asian grocery stores.

There are many international students that need to sell their cars after they graduate to go back to their home countries. You can take advantage of their situation and negotiate a low price.

My cousin once bought a 4-cylinder Camry from an international student back in 2004. She was in a rush to sell because she needed to go back to her home country.

The car was a 1997 model and with average miles on the clock. He ended up buying it for around five thousand dollars which was a pretty good deal at the time.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the car and he ended up driving it for four years before trading it in.

If you’re having a hard time finding cheap cars in your neighborhood then I would suggest you go to your nearest Asian supermarket and look at the bulletin boards.

I’m not saying you’re always going to find a good deal but it certainly is worth checking out.

Have you ever bought a car this way?

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