Cheap Cars to Modify

November 4, 2015

When finding a car to modify most people immediately think Honda. The Honda Accord and Civic have been the top choice among tuners for many years because of Honda’s legendary reliability along with the many bolt on parts available.

But if I were in the market for a cheap and reliable car to mod I would choose among the following three cars:


Nissan 240SX

The Nissan 240SX never achieved the sports car status it deserved mainly because its powered by a 4 cylinder engine that’s as powerful as a Toyota Camry.

But these cars aren’t known for the power but rather the performance. These are one of the most popular cars for drifting. The rear wheel drive and lightweight chassis makes this car ideal for drifting.

There are tons of parts for upgrading the engine and suspension at a relatively low price. Not to mention these cars are quite reliable if taken care of.

For starters, its recommended to get a coilover kit. These kits come with shocks and coilover springs to get your performance to the next level.

Next would be to upgrade the wheels and tires. This alone will yield drastic performance gains.


Mazda Miata

Many people don’t realize that the Mazda Miata is a pure sports car straight from the factory. There’s no need to install a turbocharger or swap for a big V8 engine. The Miata is as fun as a car can get.

Small bolt-ons here and there is all you should need for a car of this caliber. A good sway bar set, air intake and sticky tires are all you really need to take the fun factor to the next level.

The Miata can offer years of fun and reliability that no other car can match for the price range.



The E30s are becoming a rarity on the road these days. When the E30 first came out they were all the rage for uptown yuppies. Now they are a popular choice for tuners, both amateur and professional.

The problem is finding one that’s in decent condition. These cars are so much fun to drive that many owners have run these cars into the ground.

Power is adequate especially with the 6 cylinder models. The best mods for these cars would be to upgrade the wheels and suspension. The E30s come with a decent exhaust system so upgrading the exhaust and intake won’t get you much gain.

Probably the single best thing you can do is add a performance chip to the engine such as a Jim Conforti chip.

The E30 gives you the perfect balance of power and performance for a relatively low price. It’s best not to overdo it with the mods because this car is truly the ultimate driving machine.

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