Cheap Cars To Buy

For those of you looking for a car under three grand here is a list of cars that I would recommend buying.


Honda Civic

Just about everyone on this planet either owns a Civic or knows somebody who owns one.

The car is sporty, economical, reliable and made by Honda. Need I say more?

You should have no problems finding one for sale in your area. The key is to buy one that hasn’t been modified in some way.

A late 1990s Civic sedan in good condition can be purchased for under three grand. Yes they can be bought cheaply but you still have to maintain these cars just like any other car.

I recommend buying one with a manual transmission because it makes the car feel more lively and nimble.

Honda engines were developed to be revved so take advantage of it by buying a manual transmission.

Though I prefer the SI models they are a bit out of the cost range for people looking to buy on the cheap. If I were looking for a Civic I would opt for the EX model.

Nissan Maxima

Nissan cars and trucks tend to lose their value faster than Hondas or Toyotas.

A fully loaded 1998 Nissan Maxima with leather and Bose stereo can be bought for around $3000.

The good thing about the Maxima is that it comes with a timing chain rather than a timing belt. It never needs to be replaced so you don’t have to worry about it snapping and destroying your engine.

I personally like the GLE model because it comes fully equipped with all the bells and whistles.

Take a look at the interior of a Nissan Maxima GLE. It has plush leather seats and a factory Bose stereo.

I used to own a dark green 1998 Nissan Maxima SE with tan leather seats and Bose stereo. The car looked great to say the least.

Even with an automatic transmission the car felt sporty and had plenty of passing power.

The Bose speakers were crystal clear and had plenty of kick.

How many cars for three grand comes equipped like the Maxima? Not many that I can think of.

Mazda Miata

What is there not to love about the Miata?

It’s cute, fun to drive, economical and relatively inexpensive to buy. An early 90s Miata can be purchased for under three grand these days.

I remember test driving this little roadster a while back. It felt nimble and was a lot of fun to drive.

Surprisingly, I don’t see many of these cars on the road today but you should be able to find some for sale in your neck of the woods.

Though all generation Miatas look great I prefer the early 90s model for its simplistic yet classy design. You probably won’t find a cream puff for three grand but you should be able to find one in decent condition.

Infiniti J30

The Infiniti J30 never got the recognition it deserved.

It debuted in the early nineties and came with all the bells and whistles that a luxury car should have.

The car came equipped with the same engine as the Nissan 300zx and had rear wheel drive. It also came with a price tag of over 30K.

You can get a decent condition J30 for under 3 grand these days. They are reliable and the sleek design still attracts attention.

The interior looks a bit outdated by today’s standards but still comes with all the bells and whistles.

I rarely see these cars on the road today. So if you’re in the market for a J30 then eBay would be your best bet for finding one.

But most people won’t go far and beyond to acquire one. It’s a type of car where most people either love it or hate it.

Acura TL

Here’s another car where you can get all the bells and whistles for not a whole lot of money.

The first generation Acura TL is a luxurious car even by today’s standards. Though Acura touts the TL as a sporty car I would say it’s more of a touring car.

It certainly looks good though. The clean straight lines of the car is what stands out most for me.

The interior is roomy and nicely laid out. You can buy this car for less than three grand which I would say is a bargain.

You can be sure of its reliability because it’s made by Honda.

If I were to choose between a Honda Accord or Acura TL I would definitely choose the TL.