Car Auctions

April 7, 2011

One way of finding cheap cars are through car auctions. There are usually a whole range of cars and trucks for sale at wholesale prices. Auctions are a great source of entertainment and a great way of getting up close to cars without a salesman trailing your every move. Auctions are also a great way for you to end up with a lemon. There are two things I don’t like about these places. First, you can’t test drive the cars. You may be able to start the car and hear the engine purring but you won’t know the condition of the transmission without driving the car. Second, they rush you with all the loud noises and fast talking. Not a good environment for making big decisions.

You can’t even hear yourself think at some of these places. Unless you have a dealer’s license and are able to go to the dealer auctions, I would not recommend going to one.

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