Are Old Range Rovers Worth Buying?

February 13, 2013

If you’re in the market for a cheap SUV that has style and is capable of off-roading then the first generation Range Rover (1970-1996) may be the car for you. Most SUVs these days are best suited for the roads and not the terrain. This car has both classic styling and off road capabilities.

The 4.2L 200hp was the most powerful of the old Range Rover engines with the least powerful engine coming equipped with a 3.5L 134hp.

Not powerful by today’s standards but enough for daily driving and off-roading. But if you’re considering buying an old Range Rover you probably don’t care about its off road capabilities.

The old Rovers are tall, roomy and classy looking. They are also cheap on the used car market.

That’s all good but the question is how reliable are they?

Compared to the newer Rovers they can be considered more reliable. They have less of the fancy electronics of today’s Rovers. That means there are less chances of things malfunctioning.

In fact, these early Rovers were built like tanks and could go easily over 200K miles with proper maintenance.

But maintenance is where most owners fail. Taking these cars to the mechanic will cost you a pretty penny unless you know how to do the repairs yourself.

So would I buy one of these cars for 5 grand? Probably not. The maintenance cost is probably what turns most people away from these cars.

There are plenty of quality cars on the market that can be bought for 5 grand. I’d rather get a nice late 90s Toyota 4Runner or Nissan Pathfinder for that money.

Cream Range Rover Front

Cream Range Rover side

Range Rover Interior

Range Rover Engine

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