A Sporty Yet Affordable Wagon

June 26, 2012

I spotted this 1996 Honda Accord Wagon with 114K miles for sale on eBay. The starting bid is $4600 and no one has yet to bid.

I’m actually quite surprised there are no bidders. This car is a cheap alternative to those gas guzzling SUVs.

Not only does this car get great gas mileage, up to 30mpg, but also looks great. This car looks to be in near perfect condition. I guess station wagons aren’t for everybody.

Six reasons why I like this car:

1. I love the burgundy color on this car.

2. This car is all factory with no mods.

3. You don’t see many Accord Wagons on the road.

4. It’s a Honda. With 114K miles this car is still new by Honda’s standards.

5. Gets good gas mileage.

6. Best of all this car is cheap to buy and to maintain.

Seeing this car reminds me of my Honda days. How many of you like the start-up sound of Honda? It’s music to the ears.

I used to own a 1997 Honda Accord SE and can say these cars are quite fun to drive. The only drawback to my Honda were the power windows. They rolled up and down like they were running on low batteries. Other than that my Accord was perfect.

This car would have been perfect if it came with leather interior and a manual transmission.

Like I said before, I love the burgundy exterior. How many of you like this color?

This car doesn’t appear to have any door dings. Now that’s a rarity.

Interior looks clean as a whistle.

Enough cargo room to haul a baby stroller, a golf bag and some groceries.

This engine looks like it’s barely been used. It even comes with a VTEC engine.


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