A Little Smart Car

April 10, 2011

There’s a little car in town called the Smart. You probably have seen these street legal golf carts on the road before. I must say that this is the perfect car for America. It gets 40 miles per gallon, seats two adults and is relatively cheap to buy. Most of us drive alone in our gas guzzling SUVs, so this car fits in well with our lifestyle. This car is taking America by storm.

Not. This is a terrible car to own. It costs just as much as a Honda Fit and people look ridiculous driving this car. The gas mileage isn’t that great for such a tiny car either. People buy these cars to make a statement and I have yet to figure out what that statement is.

Forget about getting into an accident in this thing. The only place this car can call home is in Manhattan where it’s impossible to go over 40 mph. Need to buy a tiny car? Buy a used Mazda Miata. It looks much better, is a cheaper car to own and people won’t stare at you like you’re some sort of freak show.

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