300ZX Twin Turbo

April 23, 2011

I recently saw this 300ZX Twin Turbo listed on eBay and boy what a beauty it is. This Z originally came with 300 turbocharged horses back in 1990. It may not seem like a lot of power today but we are talking about a twenty one year old car. I think this car looks best in yellow. The only drawback to this particular car is that it’s equipped with an automatic transmission. Most auto enthusiasts prefer to drive cars with manual transmissions so I’m not sure how much this seller was able to sell this car for.

Today, these cars are relatively cheap compared to new cars on the market. Though a low mileage 300ZX Twin Turbo in good condition can fetch over 10K, you have to remember that you can’t buy a new Hyundai for 10K any longer. If I had 10 grand to burn this car would certainly be on top of my list. I don’t know how much these cars cost to insure but they are sure fun to drive. The dual turbos on these cars spool up very quickly so you don’t get any of that turbo lag. It drives so smoothly that it feels like there’s an 8 cylinder under the hood.

If you’re in the market for a Z, I would recommend driving this car only on the weekends. First, they are expensive to insure so having a Corolla as your daily driver and a Z as your weekend warrior will save you a bit on insurance. Second, these cars are not cheap to fix. You want to drive your 1988 Corolla to work and save the Z for special occasions. If you keep the car in good enough condition you’ll be able to sell it for just as much as when you first bought it.

This yellow 300ZX Twin Turbo has obviously been garaged kept for most of it’s life. The paint is as shiny as when it first left the dealer’s showroom. Most performance cars are modded and raced but this creme puff is bone stock. It’s been living in a time capsule since 1990.

The black leather seats are in excellent condition. Notice the lack of airbags in the car. That’s how old this car is. Nissan introduced the driver’s side airbag on the 1991 ZX model.

Not surprisingly the engine bay is spotless. This car belongs in a Nissan museum rather than on the streets.

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